Roofing spelt as Rooofing


A common mistake when searching for your local roofing company is people spelling roofing as rooofing. This could be down to a number of things. One being an accidental typing error whilst on your desktop so instead of searching forĀ roofing repairs the search is for rooofing repairs. The next could be down to mobile phones, which are a pivotal part in people lives. When searching for a roofing company on your mobile you may have typed in rooofing due to the keys being so small or alternatively if you are using voice recognition it may have picked up the word incorrectly. There are no right or wrong ways to go about ironing out these mistakes it is just a case of a genuine error and mistake. Although the staggering truth is that the word rooofing is one of the highest searched terms by people in the roofing industry.

At Adam Askey we pride ourselves on our proven track record and are a well established team of roofing specialists serving the whole of the West Midlands since 1972. We know that is is of paramount importance for all customers to find a roofing contractor that they trust, whatever they search in google. Our fully qualified roofing experts aim to build that trust with you from the very first quote stage right through to completing the roofing job.

So if you are searching for ‘roofers near me’ or even ‘rooofers near me’ and come across Adam Askey you have found the perfect match. We provide a full roofing service and always advise our valued customers on the best plan of action going forward. At Adam Askey we provide services both commercial business and residential home with a continuing commitment to providing an a-class roof repairs at rates that are more than competitive.

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