Meet Askey The Dog Roofing Expert
Meet Askey The Dog Roofing Expert

Askeys Roofing Companion

Meet Askey the Dog.
Askey joined us in 2015 as an apprentice and since then has gone from strength to strength. He has studied well and now knows everything there is to do with woofing, repairing woofs and emergency woofing. Originally hoping to become a full grown roofer Askey was hit by a set-back when he discovered his legs were too short to climb the ladders. Not put off by this he continued with his studies and on completing his course has switched to a more office and public facing role.

Why the snorkel?
Askey has also become the 'face' of Adam Askey due to his youthful good looks, starring in many of the advertising campaigns in the past few years and can even be seen adorning our work vans.  The current design show Askey fitted out with a snorkel and mask, if you are wondering why, it's because basset hounds are the only dogs that can't swim and he makes sure he's prepared when working on your leaky roofs.

Site visits
Askey's popularity has grown faster than his great big ears but he still does guest appearances occasionally. If you're having your roof replaced or repaired and have a young dog loving family, drop us an email and we'll see if he's available.

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