Common Causes of Roof Damage and Roof Leaks

Damaged Roof
Evenif your home is beautiful and perfect in every way if you have a damaged roof, you are in trouble. The roof of your house is without a doubt the most important part along with the foundations. If a roof is damaged or you have a roof leak it can generate a significant expense to the owners so getting it taken care of sooner rather than later is a good idea. It is a good idea to get your roof inspected on a regular basis to make sure any minor issues are sorted before they turn into major repairs.
Taking care of your roof will help preserve it and therefore protect the life and the value of your home.
Having damage to your roof can be a major problem. Even if there is the smallest gap then water can get through, ruining your ceilings and walls and even the columns and posts of your house. This can cause mould and mildew which will thrive and cause a very unhealthy environment for your home.
Roof damage is not unusual and can happen to any house regardless of what material you have on your roof, or the age of the property.
There is nothing more annoying than having leaks of water on interior floors or water marks on your perfectly painted ceiling. Damage to a roof can happen due to various reasons and if your roof is leaking then it is clearly damaged in some way and you should contact your local roofing company.

The main causes of roof damage:-

• Weather
Extreme weather conditions such as strong gusts of winds during storms or hurricanes, lightning,hail, wind, snow, ice and even sunshine can cause roofing materials to split, crack, blister or buckle, or roofing materials to lift off.

• Corrosion
Some roofing materials are more likely to get damaged by corrosion especially around the flashings, valleys and projections like chimneys and vents. If there is corrosion then there is likely there will be roof damage.

• Wear and Tear
Over time roof damage can just be caused by normal wear and tear. Falling objects that are blowing around from gusts of wind and debris dropped by birds and small animals can cause a deterioration of roofing materials.

• Loose Shingles
Shingles on your roof can loosen over time. They may rot or curl and this can cause problems for your home. If this is left untreated, it can damage your entire roof.

• Water Collection
Flat roofs are especially prone to water damage. The water collects in pools and put an unnecessary strain on your roof and over time the pressure of this can cause leaks and drips.

roof leak damage

The main areas that are affected by roof damage are:-

• Chimneys
Usually caused by inadequate flashing or caulking
• Vent Pipes
If an object protrudes from the roof then a leak could occur here. This could also be due to insufficient flashing which can deteriorate faster than other roof parts.
• Valleys
The area in between roof flaps can be susceptible to rot as they can accumulate dirt or leaves
• Drip edge
If this is not installed properly this can cause seepage. These leaks are hidden as not visible behind fascias or sidings.

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